Thursday, 10 May 2012

Pic of the day!

Dandelions symbolizes wishes coming true, each time we blow away the puffball we wish for something better. The dozens of seeds released represent fertility and abundance

Dandelion flower
Taken 10 January 2010 by Chantal Pretorius (Me)


I was bound to write about my fascination with the super natural. I don't no if its the Pisces in me or if im just plain weird? Either way there are things out there that we don't no of or simply choose to ignore.

Few years ago Remi and i where chilling and chatting away, we touch on a subject which raised both my eyebrows and a few hairs on my neck. He was telling me about an "Out of body experience" he had. Hearing this for the first time was like "what the hell are you talking about!! The content of his story was abit spooky. Strangely enough the thought of this being remotely true intrigued me. 

That same night, i went home and everything was dark and stil, i attempted to try OBE. As i laid there on my back, as i was told... i remembered Remi spoke of a breathing technique. i closed my eyes.

He was saying the first step is to become completely relaxed..starting from your toes all the way up to your facial muscles. I thought of it as meditating, eliminating all thoughts out of my mind. Just focusing on my breathing, which was btw very slow. Then i noticed something, i couldn't feel my hand and feet, in fact, they felt as if they where twisted in a very awkward position. I was completely and utterly relaxed. 

Time and again i would hear noises coming from outside or il feel itches which almost caused me to loose my concentration, often id try and shrug them off or ignore them. Feeling rather unsure of what comes next, i remembered him talking about a ball of fire, or did he say a ball of light, well anyway apparently i needed to focus on this in my minds eye? It didn't seem to work cause all i saw was darkness. I lied there for what i thought was an hour, who knows? Then i noticed the weirdest sensation, it felt as if i was hovering / floating just above my physical body. Not sure if this is the end result or part of the relaxation technique, but i just new this couldn't be It? Because in his story he was walking around. 

Feeling rather unsatisfied, i was ready to roll over and just sleep. Then something incredible happens, i will never forget it, i felt this strong force or vibration in my head as if something is pulling my spirit by a thread out of my forehead!! There was this loud zing in my ears! I thought, "OH SHIT" i panicked! All i wanted to do is feel normal again. I snapped back, leaped from my bed to the light switch in a split second, i stood there literally shaking and sweating...."OMG, its true" i thought. Grabbed my phone, called Remi, frantic!

Still half asleep, he was impressed that i managed to do it on my first attempt, I think the time was round about 3 in the morning. After speaking to him, i sat there completely mind boggled. I cant remember if i fell asleep immediately thereafter or just sat there, pondering? 

After my first attempt, i tried on numerous occasions and each time i reach, what i call the vibration stage. I think i need to overcome my fear for the unknown before i can proceed to the next level, which ever level that may be. I believe it has opened up my mind to greater things, including psychic abilities on a very very minute scale. The brain is a powerful thing folks!

True story!

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Daily Photo

Since im back in Nam, iv been wanting to update my blog but because i haven't given it much thought what to right about, i figured a photo could do the trick - quick fast  & easy :) 

Walvisbay Namibia
Taken 29 December 2009 by Me (Chantal Pretorius)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Daily Photo

Since im going back home (Cape Town) for a visit i thought id post alil something something.

Strand Beach Soccer during the Soccer World cup
Photographed by Chantal Pretorius (Me), taken 10 July 2010

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Letter to my teenage self

Dear 14 year old me

Yes you with the hot pink lace up takkies, stop rolling your eyes and listen up! 

Firstly id like to pat u on the back, im proud of you. Thank you for cleaning the house everyday and taking care of those two lil rascals (which btw isnt so lil anymore). I no its a daunting task to be giving up your own childhood to do things thats alil far beyond your years. I applaud you.

So check it out, Honestly I wouldn't trade places with you. I wouldn't evens trade places with the Future Me that you once upon a time envisioned. 

Here's abit of a heads up to save you from unnecessary dilemmas you Will be facing.

  • When you fall inlove for the first, second, third and fourth times. Dont try to mold yourself into the person you think he wants you to be. 
  • Don't worry to much about your weight, seriously. Be thin, embrace your 20 you gonna miss fitting into a size 6 jeans.
  • Nobody lives a fairy tale life, those kids with the flashy gadgets and the expensive outfits, they may carry more burdens than you think.
  • Popularity is overrated! If you work on being a friend rather than how many friends you have, you'll be blessed with friendships beyond measure.
  • Get involved with your school work, do those projects. It pays off in the end!
  • Warning... get a lock on that diary! 
  • Loose the Rebellious attitude, start with speaking your mind instead of bottling things up inside.
  • Trust me, you Dont no everything!
  • Be free, be a kid
Thats about it teenage self,  the combined wisdom of learning and living. i wish i could of intervened sooner but you just had to learn it for yourself.

If its any consolation you've turned out fine. You're a photographer, a mother and a wife. You got family that loves you a handful of friends that you cherish. You are finally free. 

PS, those Hot pink lace up takkies slash boots, i threw them away about a year ago!!!!!!!!

25 year old you

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Introducing Zen aka Zeni aka Smurf Butt aka Bolletjie holletjie aka Baby boy!

His only 18 months thats a year 6 months btw. The kid is quite strange, i no i no, it must be weird for a mother to be saying that about her own child. I said the same thing when he was born... but back then i wasnt referring to his personality. But seriously guys.. he calls me "Miena" which he made up by himself. He was never a headbutting hand banging jumpy baby. Dont get me wrong he was a happy baby, his just more of an old soul, i like to believe.

Soon he'll be talking but he seems to be stuck at the "B" word phase, and no his not saying Bitch... he just favours the word "BAH" ... like Mark is Bah, Siobhan is Bon, his bottle varies between Bah and Bobbie, bath time is Bah..but its funny how i can tell the difference between the bahs. 

What really separates Zen from kids his age is, his hygienic levels. Have you ever seen a kid that wants to be clean all the time? He'll play in sand, 2 minutes later he'll come running for me to clean his hands. Same thing applies wen he steps into something gooey his facial expression just tells u "get it off"! 

So this is Zen, the guy that Rocks my world, literally, everyday! I really dont mind him calling me Miena, even though i wanna crawl under a rock when he does it public. I cant say that i dont mind that he turned me into a humming bird thats on crack cleaning up after him. But his My boy and who cannot love a cute lil man like himself. Im proud to be his Miena. 

Daily photo

A photo a day keeps the ........... away!

Photos is definitely one of my favorite things in the world, be it classically old or modern abstract, i love it all! There are so much talented photographers out there. So im making it my mission to go hunting for those images that make you go "ooooooo", "Aaaahhh" or "har har har". And of course showcasing some of my own. Stay tuned... 

    Table Mountain Cafe. Photographed by Chantal Pretorius (Me) taken 28 November 2009