Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Introducing Zen aka Zeni aka Smurf Butt aka Bolletjie holletjie aka Baby boy!

His only 18 months thats a year 6 months btw. The kid is quite strange, i no i no, it must be weird for a mother to be saying that about her own child. I said the same thing when he was born... but back then i wasnt referring to his personality. But seriously guys.. he calls me "Miena" which he made up by himself. He was never a headbutting hand banging jumpy baby. Dont get me wrong he was a happy baby, his just more of an old soul, i like to believe.

Soon he'll be talking but he seems to be stuck at the "B" word phase, and no his not saying Bitch... he just favours the word "BAH" ... like Mark is Bah, Siobhan is Bon, his bottle varies between Bah and Bobbie, bath time is Bah..but its funny how i can tell the difference between the bahs. 

What really separates Zen from kids his age is, his hygienic levels. Have you ever seen a kid that wants to be clean all the time? He'll play in sand, 2 minutes later he'll come running for me to clean his hands. Same thing applies wen he steps into something gooey his facial expression just tells u "get it off"! 

So this is Zen, the guy that Rocks my world, literally, everyday! I really dont mind him calling me Miena, even though i wanna crawl under a rock when he does it public. I cant say that i dont mind that he turned me into a humming bird thats on crack cleaning up after him. But his My boy and who cannot love a cute lil man like himself. Im proud to be his Miena. 

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