Thursday, 12 April 2012

Letter to my teenage self

Dear 14 year old me

Yes you with the hot pink lace up takkies, stop rolling your eyes and listen up! 

Firstly id like to pat u on the back, im proud of you. Thank you for cleaning the house everyday and taking care of those two lil rascals (which btw isnt so lil anymore). I no its a daunting task to be giving up your own childhood to do things thats alil far beyond your years. I applaud you.

So check it out, Honestly I wouldn't trade places with you. I wouldn't evens trade places with the Future Me that you once upon a time envisioned. 

Here's abit of a heads up to save you from unnecessary dilemmas you Will be facing.

  • When you fall inlove for the first, second, third and fourth times. Dont try to mold yourself into the person you think he wants you to be. 
  • Don't worry to much about your weight, seriously. Be thin, embrace your 20 you gonna miss fitting into a size 6 jeans.
  • Nobody lives a fairy tale life, those kids with the flashy gadgets and the expensive outfits, they may carry more burdens than you think.
  • Popularity is overrated! If you work on being a friend rather than how many friends you have, you'll be blessed with friendships beyond measure.
  • Get involved with your school work, do those projects. It pays off in the end!
  • Warning... get a lock on that diary! 
  • Loose the Rebellious attitude, start with speaking your mind instead of bottling things up inside.
  • Trust me, you Dont no everything!
  • Be free, be a kid
Thats about it teenage self,  the combined wisdom of learning and living. i wish i could of intervened sooner but you just had to learn it for yourself.

If its any consolation you've turned out fine. You're a photographer, a mother and a wife. You got family that loves you a handful of friends that you cherish. You are finally free. 

PS, those Hot pink lace up takkies slash boots, i threw them away about a year ago!!!!!!!!

25 year old you


  1. I'm all choked up! Nice post Chantz.

  2. Hey lady, this is one flippen cool blog and what a great letter to yourself, lol! i really think its great, well done. You are a special one!


  3. Thanx Phoenix, the letter was long over due. What would u say to ur teenage self if u could? lol

  4. took me a minute to figure out who u are, but a awesome surprise to find u Alwynne!!! Thanks for your comment, follow if u like.. Ooo il be in SA soon, we def hav to hook up.

  5. what an awesome read, really thought provoking stuff :)

  6. Thanks babe...u remember those hideous pink takkies i through away wen we moved..hahhaha i just had to add