Thursday, 5 April 2012

If i Ruled the World...

- Mondays would be "Creative Day", paint a picture, take a photo, make a sculpture, open your soul to the  finer things in life.
- There'll be no such thing as "Global warming"!
- Remove Borders from countries
- Make the teachings of Abraham part of the curriculum in schools
- Plant more Trees
- Invent a new sex position
- Forbid raisins in chocolate, rice, icecream etc
- Create more jobs
- Fire all Politicians
- Discover a free and natural energy source
- Bedazzle street lights with glitter
- Encourage kids to playing outside until it gets dark.
- No guys gas will not be free, but we going back to the days where 20bucks could fill your tank.
- Promote Curvy women
- Reinvent Facebook and get all the credit for it
- Everyone in the world will own a passport and with gas being cheap, people could travel!

We all have good intentions which we can turn into do-able actions. Each of us can Rule this world (our host) together as one. Even if its not the whole world, but your world. Starting with ourselves. So what if you ruled the world? 


  1. Loving this!! What excellent ideas, except . . . if you took away borders, why would anyone need a passport?

  2. And by the way, whats wrong with raisins??

  3. hahahha o gosh, good point, well in my defense il be in charge and im allowed to make mistakes like

    Raisin are yucky!!