Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nam BAM!

When i moved here last year June, I was quite the cynical old fart! Taken out of my comfort zone and placed in this dry shrubby small town. Can you imagine what this did to me?  Big City girl now living in the middle of nowhere. I had no friends besides my husband, which wasnt my hubby at the time. Insects be running or flying around on steroids. Wheres the Malls at? Do you call this a club pshhh! Ahh traffic, how cute. These where common question id say out loud or quietly to myself. You name it, i hated it!

After a few months of settling in, i wanted to open myself up to new things. i was so sick of missing home or dreaming of what i could of been doing.. kinda like a mental door i had to open. This of cause to attract everything this town has to offer. As the universe started answering all my desires, i met alotta interesting people, some i connected with more than others. Saw alotta places after i joined a promotions team. We went on road trips, we did events and festivals ooo and made a few dollars of my own.

Where the wheel turned for me, im not entirely sure but im glad it did. Reflecting back on the past 10/11 months

- The "Vegas wedding" 
- Zens 1st Birthday
- I suspect it could be something in the beer?
- The cultures and tribes
- I finally started studying
- The chilled vibes
- Nam skies: sunrise, sunset, big pooofy white clouds
- Incredible views
- My lil family
- Cool friends
- The Halloween party of Note
- Aunty Louis
- If anything it must be the wild life
- My first wedding shoot
- Being part of the crew for Tjiraa (short film) as a Set Photographer
- Quiz night
- Starting a garden
- My photo frame party
- My lens

This new chapter of my life, i find most challenging and rewarding. Challenging in the sense of being  without my family and friends from SA. But rewarding in every sense of the word. Learning everyday, its opened me up to a world of new things, travelling to mention one! Walking/hiking being still and completely Zen in that moment. Appreciating life, importance of family and friends. This list of events did not change the way i saw Namibia, I changed My thoughts and feelings towards it. 

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